Hub support


Advice for Emerging Hubs

Under contract with the National CLT Network, Middlemarch partner Alison Ward is one of two people providing support and advice to existing and emerging Enabling Hubs. The range of support and advice is as follows:

  • Initial ‘health checks’ to cover all existing and emerging Enabler Hubs in England, with an action plan to follow for each Enabler Hub.
  • One-to-one support with Enabler Hubs, including site visits and remote support by phone and email, including input to their business plans, providing advice and signposting them to further sources of support.
  • Organising peer learning events per year to bring Enabler Hubs together, with content based upon their action plans and the emerging findings from the Community Housing Fund programme.
  • Supporting existing Enabler Hubs to bid to the Enabler Hub Grant Programme.
  • Supporting stakeholders in geographic areas without an Enabler Hub to develop a bid for a Development Grant from the Enabler Hub Grant Programme.
  • Helping Enabler Hubs to access particular expertise as needed in a way that supports their development and secures value for money.